There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful bedroom!! From the headboard to the luxurious bed coverings the looks and possibilities are endless. To be more technical though you really need to figure out what you need for a good night’s sleep. Are you a side, back or tummy sleeper? That all helps determine what you chose for a mattress. Are you hot or cold ? There are so many options? The first thing to do is go into your favorite furniture or sleep store and see the experts.

Now when it comes to the appeal of luxury in your room…soooooo much fun to be had!!!! Are you a romantic or do you want your room to be sexy. how about sleek and refined? The possibilities are many and it is up to you!!!

So here is my suggestion. Start with something. I don’t care if it is the headboard or a piece of art, let it take you from there. I always tell my clients the first choice is always the hardest and the most time consuming.


Once you have decided how you want your room to feel you have actually eliminated most of the overwhelming options. Everyone wants comfort. In my personal room I have things that make me happy. My kids pictures are the first thing I see when I wake. I have created a family wall in my master room along with a few other pieces of wall decor I love!!Layering bedding and throw pillows (which my husband loves…NOT so much) really make your room luxurious. There are amazing light fixtures, lamps, chandeliers along with beautiful textured rugs to bring in softness and set the mood!!

I am so looking forward to relaxing in my room tonight. I will have the diffuser full of my favorite sleep time essential oils and sit down to my latest read The Help (I know I am so behind, and really not much of a reader). Best essential oils for sleep woud be lavendar, ylang ylang and sweet marjoram. So have a great sleep tonight and dream about your new bedroom!!

Till next time its that girl Shannon saying Sleep well