chic and shabbyFunny, I was going through a bunch of old family photos with my dad a few weeks ago and laughing about old memories and great times. Then just last weekend I was standing, looking at the photo wall, at my aunt and uncles 50th wedding anniversary (CRAZY 50 years, wow! Congrats Mel & Louise) and something really made me laugh. Two pictures, one of my family’s’ kitchen and one of my aunt and uncle’s kitchen,  all had the exact same wallpaper! You know the one… orange, some flowers, very busy. Wow, who would have thought that that would define kitchen decor of the 70’s. But it did!

So when I talk to people about choosing a wallpaper application for their homes as a decorating tool, some curl up their noses and say “OMG, wallpaper is back!?!”. Well yes it is.Traccia-Industry-2

It really is one of my favourite accessories to add to many spaces. It takes those old boring painted walls and can really dress them up. From a fun, colourful, whimsical pattern to a beautiful hand painted wall paper with texture like Vahallen. Wall paper is back in a big way! It can be a great alternative around rock around your fireplace and tile on your backsplash.

I have done many homes lately with these beautiful Vahallan products. In fact in my own store the wall behind my counter is their aged leather covering and my front counter is covered in batik . It really is a classy add in. The product is fire rated and extremely washable and durable. Really quite easy to remove with a bottle of fabric softener and water.

So re-open your eyes to good old wallpaper and you will see how amazing the NEW wallpaper is! Till next time, it’s that Girl Shannon saying ” You may get sticky, but the results are breathtaking”.