When you hear the words dining room, do you envision a traditional, formal space?  Or do you automatically think of a casual kitchen feel? There was a time when it was quite common to maintain two eating areas within the home… one formal, and one every day.  Now a days, formal dining and every day dining have really come together, fallen in love and given birth to a beautiful dining space that also stands up to the wear and tear of day to day use, and it’s taking dining back to a more enjoyable and valuable family time.






When we were looking at house plans, my husband could not imagine why we would include a “dining room” in the plans. To him, these words brought to mind a very formal area that was not our style, would rarely be used and be a waste of space.  His exact response I believe was, “What? We are not fancy, why do we need a dining room?” I said “No, our dining room will be our everyday eating table”. This thought might make you cringe, but let me explain…

People rarely maintain two eating areas anymore and one of the main reasons for this is because the kitchen island has now replaced the kitchen/dining table. With the quickening pace of family life through the last couple decades, the kitchen island has become the go-to place where you can sit down, have a quick meal, toss the dishes into the dishwasher, and be off to the next commitment. The island may have started out as a place to grab a snack or a visit over tea or coffee but it has evolved into the common eating area. Yes, it might be a bit cramped for the entire family, but sadly, it seems to have become a rare occasion these days to have everyone home at once at mealtime anyway.

After a couple decades of constant rushing, passing our family members leaving, as we walk in the door, we are starting to recognize the importance of sitting down as a family at mealtime. Priority is being placed on this time and families are working to make mealtime QUALITY time together once again. Part of this quality time includes creating a comfortable, relaxing and visually pleasing environment that promotes a positive atmosphere. In other words, we want an eating area that the family will enjoy spending time in. We want to be able to incorporate it into the layout of the modern home, with sensible access allowing efficiency in cleanup, we want it to look great and stand up to the modern family. World; meet the modern dining room.

Till next time It’s That Girl Shannon saying “Watch for the next decor blog when I explain how to create your new dining space!”