People regularly roll through my door looking for a new piece of furniture. Whether my customers are replacing worn out pieces, looking for a change, or starting fresh with a total revamp or a new build, there are a few questions I always like to start with to make sure I am steering them in the right direction.

First of all, what is the size of the space we are dealing with? Is this an open concept area or a room on it’s own? How high are the ceilings? The reason I ask these questions is to help determine “scale”. Scale is really important in finding the size of furniture that will “fit” your room just right. If you don’t pay special attention to scale, you are liable to end up with a 10 x 10 foot room, 7 foot ceilings and your overstuffed cushy dream sofa and chairs looking like sardines in a can (yikes!) OR, a beautiful big room with high ceilings, and all of your sleek new furniture seeming tiny and leaving your room looking kind of pathetic and empty.

So if you are dealing with a smaller space you may want to consider going to a sleeker designed sofa, something that does not resemble the Michelin Man…. maybe his younger sleeker more body conscious little brother? Same thing goes for the accents and surroundings in this room, you want to keep them in the same proportion.



Of course the opposite goes for a larger room with high ceilings or open concept. This doesn’t mean you have to go poofy but you may want to consider a style with a wider arm or an occasional table with a more prominent focus in your room.

Every home is unique, so it really is a good idea to work with a helpful salesperson at your favorite store, who will help you figure out exactly what is right for you. Till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Size does matter… wink wink… well in this case for sure!”