If your family is anything like my family, we love big gatherings. My mom comes from a family of 21 so in my family, there is no such thing as a small gathering and although we can’t all get together as often as we would like, even getting together with just the immediate family is a big bunch!

Having a great space to host a group is wonderful. The kitchen tends to be the hub of many homes, and we all love sitting and visiting around the kitchen or diningroom table. The key to creating a beautiful, functional and welcoming dining room is in figuring out how to make the most of your space.

I say go as big as your space allows you! I always encourage my clients to take advantage of the room by going to a deeper table, if space allows. You will never regret having that extra few inches down the centre of the table. It allows you to create a beautiful display of the food you are serving! Now if you have a room that will allow for a round table this is the ultimate conversation shape and also an excellent option when it comes to entertaining.

When it comes to choosing chairs, if you are like my family and playing games, cards or just visiting, we tend to sit there for a while, so comfort is the key. Don’t be afraid to make a couple head chairs different and complimentary to your other chairs. Maybe even a style that could be traditionally considered a club type chair for the living room. It looks great at either end of the table!  Benches are really a hot look right now and a great way to save a bit of money, as you can fit a few butts on them!

To help complete the look add in a complimentary buffet or sideboard and mount a mirror above. I love a mirror in the dining room because it expands the space and makes it seem like you have double the people in the room. Yep, I can trick myself that easily!

So till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Together, let’s create a great gathering place for your friends and family.” Take the time to get together with your friends and family and give thanks that you have each other!