So many times I help my clients with a new home build or renovations and that can be a lengthy procedure. Then it comes time to furnish and when this is done either due to budget or just plain tired of decisions that is where they stop.  It usually does not take long until that client calls or visits the store saying “Shannon, the room doesn’t feel done.”

Well of course! It’s not done! Sweetheart!
This is where all the attention to details and choices are going to be appreciated…well that is if you take the next and necessary step to get that “feeling”
This is what I compare it to……..

Scenario…….So you’re girlfriend asks you to make her a cake for the Home town fundraiser. She is so excited because you were just crowned winner of “Cake of the Year” in” delish county”. This is a coveted prize and  she just knows your cake is going to bring big money!! So you agree to make the cake but you know that with your busy schedule these days you may have trouble getting it done. You take it to the bake sale, but ….. you were not able to” Ice the cake”. The girl next to you was also busy, so she picked up cupcakes from the grocery store. You know the ones with the fancy icing and sprinkles…. SHOCKINGLY Your cake was the last to sell, even though it was the best in the county. BUT it didn’t look pretty because you didn’t finish icing the cake. Darn if you would have only taken that necessary step to get the ultimate results the outcome would have been so different. Hmmm  sound familiar??

So, just like the cake, if you don’t finish icing the room with accents and accessories it doesn’t live up to it’s full potential, either in enhancing architectural decisions or just that plain homey feel.

Accessorizing style is definitely a personal touch. If you have chosen great bones in the main pieces of furniture this should give you a clean canvas and you can choose anything from”industrial” to floral and it will suite. I always say that it is one of the most dramatic ways to change a space and if it is done correctly accessorizing can be done fairly budget conscious.

So truly, if done right, you can accessorize with lime green and pink in the spring and with a few minor changes go to red and navy in the fall. How much fun is that. From a few pillows, a rug, changing out a few curtain panels to a new throw, adding a few choice pieces your room will make it like a chameleon and it can change with your mood.

So till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Life’s short, eat dessert first...AND  make sure it has lots of icing.