Wow, every year it seems to creep up on me… well let’s be honest, creep isn’t the right word! I think all of us are filling our lives with so much activity and commitments that we really don’t realize from one day to the next, where we really are. Then Voila! What?! Why are they playing Christmas music in October? What do you mean it’s the 4th of December!!! Panic mode hits and we are all in a scramble.

As you may have noticed a few sentences ago, I did not use the ‘B’ word (Busy). I am so over people saying that they are ‘B’. So, I choose to say my days are full, because this is our choice and we should be happy our days are full of things we choose to do, not things that we are forced to do like visiting doctors due to a condition or caring for an ill loved one. Embrace your day no matter how full or open it may be. Sorry, I digress!

So back to this truly wonderful season (I say that honestly). Once you get over the craziness of preparing and planning what days work for everyone to get together, hoping the weather cooperates… don’t forget the real reason for the season! My main focus is spending time with the most important people in your life and creating traditions that my kids will pass on and enjoy when I am gone. It’s the greatest gift of all.

This year I am hosting Christmas on my side of the family, so there will be 14 people in total at my humble home… gonna be cozy! So of course when people are coming over you want things to look nice, and especially this time of year you want things to look festive. As I have mentioned in years past, I enjoy decorating for the season with branches and sprigs of greenery. I am choosing sparkly stars and snowflakes to warm up and fill my home with the spirit of the season. Then, once the tree has to come down, you can still keep up some of the winter decor. Now because I have limited space in my house I like to take fishing line and hang glitter balls, stars etc in my windows and they can stay up well past the time you need to take your tree down. I also like to add in some new pieces to spice it up a bit in other places… like new pillows or throws that maybe have some glitter on them.

Right now there are tons of great year end deals to take advantage of at your local furniture and decor stores.  Maybe that old recliner is falling apart, and if your Uncle Dan is coming for Christmas you are going to want to have a great spot for him to sit, right?  Also with all the extra people coming, it means extra beds are needed.  Now a days there are some great sleeping solutions such as cabinets beds, sofa beds, sleeper chairs etc. I just brought home a great sleeper chair for my mom to sleep on and set it up in my office. It is nice and compact and has a great twin bed hiding inside! Surprise Mom, when you are reading this! I know you were wondering where you were going to be sleep when you came! XOXO

So to wrap things up (man I’m so funny… I really don’t love wrapping), make some family memories and traditions and laugh a lot. Try going unplugged this year (as we are, since we have no internet out here in the boonies – surprise nieces and nephews!). Buy a family puzzle and complete it over the holidays, play charades the old fashioned way (write it down on a piece a paper and put it in the a tupperware container to draw from, and go girls against boys…) I always have to convince everyone at the start, but once we get rolling we have a blast!

So till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Don’t forget  the reasons for the season, and have some fun. Merry Christmas All!”