So this time of year comes around and we are all ready, ready for a new year. New year, new look, new style, new attitude, and the list goes on! I totally get it, truly I do… but where do you start?  Well, for most of us we start a new workout routine and vow to eat better. You really are the most important thing you should take care of. I too, have vowed to take better care of myself, but what else?!

Well for me, since I am excited about what I do, and love the industry I am in (lucky girl!). I am always excited to see what’s new and fresh in the furniture fashion world. This is the start of the season, when the manufacturers, suppliers and retailers come together to show you what will be the trends of now and future months to come. Us retailers really do influence what you see in the stores based on our purchases and choices.

We will be introduced to a new trend colour of the year and I tell everyone that asks me, ‘there are only so many colours in a rainbow, they all get their chance’. All the paint companies really do vary at times on this, but there is usually one colour that is more dominant that the manufacturers seem to gravitate towards and invest production in.  I will be happy to report back to you next month after my Vegas buying show!

I am looking forward to some new and innovative styles and looks that the retailers will then be inspired by. Will it be some retro throwbacks, a modern european influence or a continuation of natural woods, seen at previous shows? I am excited to find out. We will go through the crazy ideas and sort them out, and bring back the best ones to the store, exciting! Just like you get tired of looking at the same things in your home, we too get the itch to change up our showrooms. We want to give you something new and fresh to want and need.

During my week at the show, I always touch base with my favourite suppliers to see what they have to show, and Canadian suppliers do fill over 3/4 of my showroom! I always leave at least a day of exploration where I really try to soak in what’s new or different and even what’s up and coming! The big guys really did start out little  and I love walking through the temporary showrooms to see the seeds that are blooming. The small manufacturers, just like us smaller retailers, tend to be more hands on service driven and personally proud of what they have to offer. Keep that in mind for when you are choosing where to make your purchase. We little guys appreciate it!

So till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying……


eating plan 

exciting things to come! 

I just can’t wait!!!