So I am back from the World Furniture Market. It was exciting as always with so much to see and absorb! As I promised you in our last blog, here I am, excited to report the great new trends and fresh ideas that were showcased at this year’s show…

Let’s start with the trend colours. For those of you who, like myself, love blue, you won’t be disappointed. There is still plenty of blue, however the tones have shifted slightly. The turquoises and teals of the last few years have seemingly began to disappear and good old natural true denim blues and navys are stepping up and starting to steal the show. There is so much to choose from in art and accessories to great rugs and accent furniture; blue remains a strong force in the trends. I do love how it has warmed itself up a bit, as blue can tend to feel a bit cold when you pair it up with silvers, but now with all the brushed golds and champagne tones it is being paired with, it really does feel a lot more rich and inviting!

Who’s up for a good dose of wine?!  It truly has become the drink choice of all ages and demographics…  I mean, when you have the dudes on Duck Dynasty sitting around in camo drinking and comparing types of wine, something is definitely changing in the universe! I can say a few years back I would have turned up my nose if someone had offered me a glass of red wine, but I have acquired a taste for the stuff and I gotta tell you, I’m loving the colour of it right now too!  At this year’s show there was a strong presence of many wine shades, from a true cabernet red, to more of a deep berry red. It was show-stopping in every tone I saw. It always seems to take a bit of time for the accessories, art etc to get on the bandwagon when a new color trend pops up, but believe me, it’s coming! I have even indulged the trend since the show, and bought myself a pair of glasses in a deep rich merlot… Love them!

So, I guess if I can give you some words of advice on keeping up with the trends, I would have to say don’t be afraid of colour. So often I hear people say they would love to add colour but they are afraid that they may fall out of love with it, then heaven forbid, be stuck with it. Work with someone who understands how to bring in color in the right way and you will never be sorry you did! Many of my clients tell me they are sooo glad they trusted me and added that splash of colour, as it’s the thing they love and get the most compliments on in their home.

So till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Just remember wine may be delicious and you may feel sophisticated drinking it out of a pretty glass but it only takes a few glasses before you are doing the Ukrainian polka – so plan a safe ride home.


P.S. Indulge in some color… when you get tired of if in a few years some lucky person will snatch it up in a flash off of Facebook garage sale!!