Do you have a small home or apartment/condo that you want to decorate? I know this seems like a challenging task but I am here to help you find some great solutions to your problem!

It is very important to shop wisely for your size of home. Most furniture stores are large so remember to know your room dimensions before you head out to shop. Lots of furniture manufactures have condo size furniture in their line up so make sure you tell your salesperson what you need… they are there to help you. When choosing style of furniture go for a style that is more tailored and less poofy or at least concentrate the poofy into a small accent chair or pillows! The scale of your furniture really is key in your space and a good salesperson will know which styles to suggest.

Now another great way to maximize space in your smaller home is to choose multi functional pieces. These pieces are extremely valuable in a size challenged home. In the kitchen a moveable island with flip up seating is a great way to have a prepstation, buffet table and sit a few extra buns when you need to! I also like using a bench at my table and maybe a matching one to my set that acts as an entry bench. That way I can add it to  my dining table when we need extra seating and can come on in to the living room when we are all gathering together later.

A few multifunctional pieces in the living room will be handy as well. An upholstered cube can be used here as a foot rest, a side table or a seat for an extra bum! One of my favorite multifunctional pieces for a living room or spare bedroom is a cabinet bed. This will hold a large tv when you are entertaining and flip out to a comfortable bed at the end of the evening.


I personally have a smaller home and I really do like my decorating multitaskers. For instance, this Christmas I had a full house coming and I was short one sleeping place for my mom. I invested in a great piece that I added to my office- a sleeper chair and a half that is just the perfect place for mom to sleep, AND it has turned out to be a cozy, comfortable place to sit and write my blog! Just like i am doing today.

So as you all see there are so many things that you can do to decorate for small spaces you really just have to think of how usefull each piece can be and pick the right scale for your room.

So be creative think about your purchase and embrace your small space. The big houses have to work really hard to be as cozy and welcoming as they are.

So until next time it is That Girl Shannon saying ” The size of your house does not reflect the happiness in your home”