The last thing you want to do when you are spending time at the cabin is worry about keeping it clean. This is a place where you should have leisure time. So to achieve a low maintenance but still appealing look, you have to make furniture choices that are resilient and have easy upkeep qualities. There are lots of ways to achieve this.

Find durable, wipeable fabrics in variegated earthy tones or bright and flashy- whichever your style is more suited to! There is a fabric company called Sunbrella that has been revolutionary… it gives us so many durable choices that don’t limit our creativity. This product is indoor/outdoor, high performance, very durable and offers styles in solids and patterns in all colours of the rainbow. This fabric can be used on sofas, chairs, dining chairs, and benches to keep with that low maintenance theme for all of your furniture.

Ideal cabin furniture has the style and comfort you’d like inside along with the durability to also be used outside. Incorporate some fun, recycled plastic furniture for a dining table or bench that you can pull out on the deck and add to your outdoor living space without concern for the elements and fading when you have extra guests.

It’s always great to have a fire at the cabin but sometimes with fire bans, it’s just not an option. By introducing an outdoor fireplace you can still comfortably sit around enjoying the heat and ambience while listening to all of the fish stories good old uncle Dan has to offer! There always seems to be an adventure or two he wants to share. I love your stories Uncle Danny, just bugging you!

So choose a theme… whether it be coastal, rustic cabin or chic and modern. Choose some great fabrics to enhance your choices and then throw pillows and blankets to make it all pop. Don’t forget to visit some local garage sales to pick up those treasures, vintage pieces and some interesting local artifacts that will complete your relaxing space.

Until next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Fill your cabin with furniture, family and friends that you know will stand the test of time!”