Why do we want our kids to grow up so fast?! I am always reminding my kids and my nieces and nephews,” you have three quarters of your life to be an adult, so be kids as long as you can!”

Most kids are happy being kids. In my observation, it’s the parents that are often in a rush, pushing their kids to the next stage before the kids are ready. From encouraging a young girl to get rid of her Barbies and dolls and choose some teen posters for her wall, to suggesting a little guy quit playing in the dirt with farm toys and pick a video game to theme his  room around, time goes by so quickly so just let them be young!

I have witnessed this many times; a mother will ask me to come do a consult and say, “This is Samantha’s room. She wants to paint it pink an orange, can you believe it? (looking to me for approval) I want to do something more neutral. What do you think?” Well, yes I can believe it! She’s just a kid and she has not yet started to follow the lemmings and take the safe route. Let’s take that idea for pink and orange and run with it! Let’s make this a place where they can take refuge, play, dream, and be happy. Let’s not overthink it. Paint is the least expensive but most dramatically effective reno you will ever do. It can take drab to fab in an instant. If they want to paint a tree up their wall, let’s do it! Then with a quick swoop and a forty dollar can of paint… it can be gone!

A great alternative, if you insist on going with neutral walls in your kids’ rooms, is to focus on the furniture. Find a bean bag chair or some low floor furniture to lay around on while playing  Super Mario. (yup, I just dated myself!) Furniture companies are offering tons of fun floor furniture, poufs, floor cushions and bean bag chairs that are perfect in kids rooms. Gone are the days of basic and boring furniture design… you can find tons of great quality chairs in fun styles, that can be customized with hundreds of fabrics. Pick out a fun chair with some funky fabric for the kids to sit in while they read their favourite books!

Let them have a space that is theirs… you can choose from really neat loft beds, captains beds,  beds with bookshelves, touch lighting, built in USB ports, and on and on. Pick out furniture that suits your child’s personality and needs and don’t be afraid to invest some money on your kids furniture. You can spend just about the same amount on throw away press board furniture and will have to replace it a couple of times in their school years. Then they have nothing to take with them when they finally move out. Who am I kidding I dread the day my girls want to fly the coop!!  :(( So a good investment initially, is a good investment in the long run. And hey, when they leave and they take the old stuff with them, you get to get to pick out something new. Only fair, I say!

Redoing their room is a way to connect with your kids. Work on it as a project together, or give them a room spruce up as a gift! I did this for my kids for Christmas one year. It was a total win-win! Kids have so many “THINGS” nowadays, this is a way to get them involved in something other than that dreaded screen! Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it!……..together!! They really do grow up too fast.


Till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

         “Enjoy the adventure and create a memory… their smile will be worth it!”