Ahh, the mirror… one of my secret weapons in home decor! The obvious use for the mirror is to check your look as you are passing by the bathroom, but its function goes far beyond that. From multiplying your natural light to bringing in decorative influences, drama and life to your room, mirrors have so many uses. By adding a mirror to your room you are adding in interest and texture. WIN-WIN!

If you have limited lighting in a space and would like to bring in more, without doing a major renovation, simply place a mirror near your window to cast more light into the room. Even consider placing a mirror on the wall that is 90 degrees from the window, and the larger the mirror, the more light you will reflect! Whether it is a bright sunny day or overcast and a bit gloomy, your new mirror will definitely cheer up your space!

The mirror is a decor element that naturally draws the eye. Not only will it have the reflection of your gorgeous face looking back at you, but it is sharp, clean and glamorous. It is a great tool to bring focus to a certain area or feature in your room.  A mirror is even able draw the eye away from an area or element of your room, that you don’t want to attract attention to!

One of my favourite places to hang a mirror is on the kitchen or dining room wall. No matter how many guests you have over, the number doubles when you add in a mirror! It’s truly a timeless look, and who doesn’t love a great party?!

Mirrors have been used decoratively for nearly 200 years proving that they are a truly timeless decor element. They have actually gained popularity, variety and availability throughout time and become a very important part of decorating. When it comes to styles, the sky is the limit! Make sure you consider your style if you are shopping for a mirror to put in your space. There are a lot of great choices from heavy rustic timber to metallic finished frames, elegant or simple to clean cut frameless floating slabs of mirrored glass in almost every shape and size, your choices are many so put some time and thought into your choice!

I love how a mirror can bring shape, interest and character to a wall. Consider changing up your shapes and go for that Moroccan Arabesque shape, or ovals. I absolutely love using groups of shaped/sized mirrors. It creates a focal point that is more art than simply a place to quickly check for evidence of dinner left in your teeth.

Be bold with your mirrors! Don’t be afraid to use a mirror or mirror grouping from floor to ceiling, or mount them in an unconventional place. Wall groupings of collectables and photos, become even more noticeable when you include that shiny eye catcher in the mix!

So til next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

I love a great shiny distraction! Uh, look over there… squirrel! Or is it a mirror?