Skin Deep Cover

Now ladies so since we have been around 12 years old our moms have been harping and saying you better wash your face or you are going to get pimples Right!!! I too tell my 12 year old that all the time. I mean let’s be straight, we all have the skin we are born with, and yes it is genetic, but we get to chose how we take care of it.

I remember being 17 years old and going to modeling classes. They taught you everything from the catwalk, minimal acting, to how to look your best. Which of course included skin care. One of my instructors told us to never sleep on your side or tummy always your back so you wouldn’t squish your face up and cause wrinkles. I thought REALLY!! That seems like a major sacrifice to me. There is nothing better than the pillow squashed between my legs while I hug it to sleep with a good drool on!! I didn’t know if I could make that sacrifice. But then…they told me, a 5’8, 117 lb girl, that I would have to lose 10-15 lbs to get a job. I realized that this may not be a good career to pursue.So the one really good thing that I did get out of that is that course was having a good skin care routine is important.


Washing and moisturizing or even getting in a good microdermabrasion before bed is an amazing feeling and really relaxes me before I turn in for the evening. I have been using Rodan and Fields Redefine collection. I really like how it makes my skin feel. From the bit of grit in the cleanser to the moisturizer it really is fresh and light. Then when I do want to feel amazing I use the microdermabrasion paste. Makes my skin feel like a babies bottom! Silky smooth. Give it a try. I love it

So find the line you like and stick to it. You and your ageless face will thank you for it.

Till next time it’s that girl Shannon saying…
Give someone the compliment you want to hear today