Surya - vase picutre

Spring has sprung and we have been cooped up in our homes all winter so now it is time to get out and into the season! Let’s get rid of the winter drudge in our homes and try something new and fresh.

nested coloursBe inspired by nature and your love of the outdoors. There are so many interesting colors to make your home vibrant. Try the soft fresh feel of mauves and Robin’s egg blue, add in a bit of peach and thyme green to bring the outdoors inside. Grab some new vases, accessories, rugs , pillows and maybe even a live plant or two – really embrace your new color palette!

There really is a kaleidoscope of color that mother nature provides that will put a smile on your face! As an example; who doesn’t like a cool pink lemonade in the spring with a little squeeze of lime to refresh and quench your thirst?! If it’s that refreshing to drink then why not throw it in with some toss pillows and accessorize your room with these colors? It might surprise you! Give it a go! Don’t get so worried about trying something new… once in awhile it is darn right refreshing! Believe me your friends will be envious of your bravery!

best dysis mintsurya4Surya

Unfortunately my favorite spring beverage doesn’t have much of a spring color (if you know what I’m saying…. ;-)! I tend to like something with a smell of barley and a splash of good old clamato juice. Sorry as I digress. It really won’t take much to refresh your look if you just do something everyday that scares you! That’s my motto!

Til next time it’s
that girl Shannon saying,
just pick a palette and do it!