Spring-Trend-2015Most people just assume that because I’m an interior decorator and in the furniture fashion world that I must be a natural at personal fashion… Well they are wrong!

I mean, I guess you would think because it just comes to me naturally to know exactly what to do with your house, I should be able to put myself together in the same way… Believe me, it doesn’t happen like that!

I rely on my clothing fashion experts just like people rely on me! So here is what I have learned; a cool bomber or utility style jacket is a staple for spring. You know the ones with the zippers and buckles?! Some are leather some are canvas.They make you look extra sexy, when the weather is as unpredictable as it can be during these seasons, you can be warm and you look great all at the same time.

jumpsuitsNow another thing I just discovered is that jumpsuits and rompers are back! Yep they are. My hubby and I were watching The Voice the other day and hillbilly that he is even noticed and said to me, ?You mean jumpsuits are back in style?? Crazy right!? Like they say… it all comes full circle doesn’t it? In the fashion, furniture and clothing industry, no one is safe. Man they even let the mullet back in!!! WHY, WHY?!

So stop in and see your local fashion store and discover, or should I say, REdiscover the old new looks of spring.
Til next time it’s
?that girl Shannon? saying
?rompers really!?