clothing storeI have never had any trouble finding a great top, whether its a great tank top or a nice cosy sweater. No problem at all. Now when it comes to bottoms, I tend to struggle. Why? What’s the big deal, right?! It’s just another piece of clothing.

When it comes to changing your wardrobe over from winter to spring/summer, make sure that you start early. Lots of retailers have this seasons styles out as early as February or January. I guess, just in time for that great winter trip you have been planning. So don’t wait too long to get in there to get the best selection, especially if you are a common size (8-14). Nothing is more disappointing when you find something you love and dang, the only size left is a ?1?. Really that won’t even fit most mannequins.

Maxi Skirt 2??denim ankle??grey shorts??black capris

A list of summer staples may look like this: black capris, dark denim ankle pants, white pants, jean or capri, maxi skirt, light-medium wash denim capri, tan capri and pant, cotton shorts in neutral colour, and capri legging in black. So, when you pull out all those colourful clothes you can’t wait to wear, make yourself a list of what is missing from your closet.

If you have one favourite bottom that is your go to and you don’t know what to wear when they are in the wash… even if the ?experts?, Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear, say don’t buy it in every colour… but really, if I like it and it makes me feel good, I am going to buy it in every colour I can!hangers

Bottom line ladies! We all want to look and feel great, so don’t be bashful. Rock that white mini skirt! Till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon.

Special shout out to my friend Kari at Kari’s Kloset in Moosomin SK for her expertise and advice;).