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“Oh Canada”

canada-day-fireworksWhat a classic colour scheme for an equally classy country!

The addition of red and white is really easy to add to most homes. You can’t get any easier than white. With so many new hues of white for our walls it makes it incredibly hard to decide. I love the softness of warm whites like Duplex Whisper White, but really take a look at your room and see what other existing pieces you are working with. Benjamin-Moore-Ivory-White-925incredible white paintThe amount of sunlight can help you make the choice. If you have less natural light you might want to opt for a warm white (Ivory white).  If you are reworking on a room with lots of sun, you may want to go in the direction of a cool white (Incredible white).

White is also really easy to use to make your accent colour pop. It acts as a great backdrop to absolutely everything. You may want to add some white to a colourful livingroom by way of a throw, pillow or rug. White always softens the look in any room.

Canada Day CollageNow in keeping with our Canada Day theme, adding red to white is like buttering bread, its just so smooth! Oh really corny Shannon, but yes, it is so easy and such a dramatic way to make a statement. Add a great red kitchenaid mixer or a few upholstered red stools at your kitchen island. Just adding a few accent pieces can make your room look and feel sharp in an instant. There is just something so rich about it. So as you see, we Canadians are very trendy and obviously historically had good taste when we choose the colours of the country. Red & White

Happy Canada Day!maple leaf

Till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Be proud of where we live and celebrate our great country.”


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