photo ideas

Summer is a great time to create fantastic memories with your friends and family. Whether it be camping, site seeing or just visiting with friends. We all crave summer fun!

With the weather being so beautiful it creates some amazing places to take camera2those family photos. This may be a great time to book your favourite photographer for a few hours of fun. If you don’t have a personal favourite then ask around, see who others have used to take their photos, and then check out their website. Most photographers now have a website where you can see their past work. Find the one you love and maybe even some of the poses or ideas they have used. This will help them know the look and feel you are going for in your photos. Decide if you are casual or more formal. Do you want to match (my hubby hates that). If I say we are going to wear blue and white he will will wear red, because he thinks matching is silly. Oh joy. So do at least compromise and settle on a complimentary idea. You also want it to be true to your family. Because years from now you will all sit around and laugh at yourselves. We all do it.

So make some time and get those family photos taken. Life gets busy and with a whole bunch of activities planned, summer will be gone before you know it.

say cheeseUntil next time, its That Girl Shannon saying “Cheese”