Who doesn’t want to be considereda free spirit, a relaxed and adventurous person? All of us, right!?! But truth is, most people would not fall into this ‘personality category’.

free spiritIf you can’t be all those things, why not at least dress like one. It is so easy these days, the fashions are everywhere. Right now there are amazing pieces for spring and summer but guess what… we can bring these cool pieces into the fall with us because this fashion trend is definitely sticking around

A great ways to slip into this trend is in the details. Fringe, crochet, lace, floral, Georgettefabrics and YES, flare jeans and wedges!

fashion collage2fashion collage 3
I have to say, I just had to purchase a beautiful pair of flare jeans that I was ogling at my photo shoot the other day (thx Kari!). Crazy things is, I shouldn’t have made my mom throw out the exact same pair, along with her black cherry patten high boots when we were house cleaning a few years back. Why did I do that!!

But really girls, boots with fringeor a cute purse with fringe, wouldlook great with your favourite pair of shorts or your skinny jeans.
So you can definitely justify adding the boho chic look to your wardrobe.
Till next time it’s that Girl Shannon saying ” I’m never throwing anything away again!” My girls are gonna thank me, right?