As mentioned in my previous blog, I do love fall and the seasonal beauty it brings to our landscape. But another great reason I like it is due to the “wardrobe change”. I love clothes, just ask my good friend Kari at Kari’s Kloset in Moosomin. The chance to add something to my completely packed closet is always very exciting! And Kari always helps me out!


In the prairies, it’s important to have jackets made with the proper technology to get us through the cold. But a faux leather coat is actually much more versatile and really can be worn for so many occasions. You also get more bang for your buck with faux leather over real leather because they can be worn in rain or snow too. And since they cost less you can get more! Some people are shoe freaks. They have hundreds of pairs and it can never be enough. For me, it was always been jackets. I have so many and just love them, from sporty to dressy, I just need them.



Now a great new fashion alternative to jackets is the sweater coat, poncho and cape. They are so easy to wear and look amazing layered up with scarves and a long sleeved top. They are also so easy to throw in your bag when travelling.

So get out there and do some shopping. You can justify it, it’s a new season! Just ask  me, I do it all the time!

Till next time it’s that Girl Shannon saying “Hello Faux Leather”.