colour-schemeOne of the amazing colours that we are seeing pop up everywhere this year, is Navy! I know as a decorator/designer we are trained not to have a favourite colour. If you would ask most… they would say “Oh no… I love all the colours in the palette”, or something like that. I just roll my eyes, cause really, we all have our favourites. Well lucky me, mine happens to be Blue! I love all the shades it comes in, especially the true denim blues in all the tones from soft to deep navy… so lets just say, I’m in my happy place these days!

pillow artworkantler

So how do you incorporate navy into your space? You can get real crazy and throw in a deep rich navy blue sectional sofa and accent it with tonnes of shaded pillows. Adding an area rug, artwork and accessories is the best way to pull it all together and complete the look. The addition of gold in amongst the blue really riches it up a notch and pops nicely off the blue. Throw in a lamp, vase or pillow with gold tones to add a little glam.


Just a snippet of what’s available at Front Porch Interiors


Lots of the time, people are scared to take the leap towards a blue sofa. The response generally is “I will get tired of it or it will go off trend”. My response is ” Do it!” There are so many other colours that go great with blue (red, tan, teal, green… the list goes on), it really is versatile. Not only that, but your friends will be envious of your design courage.

As an interior decorator and furniture consultant, it is my responsibility to show you the versatility in the pieces you choose. I encourage you to seek out your favourite furniture spot and open your mind to the colour blue.  You might just get excited about redoing your whole room. Or maybe just a touch of blue and gold will satisfy your need for change.

Till next time, it’s that Girl Shannon saying “Calm, peaceful, beautiful… Gotta love blue!”