I have always been a big fan of the TV series “Friends”. It’s one of my feel good, have a good laugh kinds shows. One of my favourite episodes has to be when Ross goes and gets a spray tan and his white teeth whitened. He is all orange and glowing. Hilarious!

Isn’t that the fear you have when you hear “spray tan”? Orange colour, uneven, what if I don’t turn around and get an overdose? All seem to be valid concerns.

Well a little while ago I was heading to Vegas in mid summer and I am looking at my pasty white body thinking “Why does brown fat look so much better than white fat?” Weird but true. So I decided to call a local girl who started a new business in town called Tan on the Run.

What an amazing experience! Totally professional and amazing results!

The product is organic, and UV free which means no harmful rays from the sun or tanning bed, and it is instant! No going for months to get a bit of a head start. It is beautiful, moist, healthy looking tanned skin immediately. Which is great for a busy bee like me. My skin felt amazing and once it is dry (within minutes), it doesn’t smudge or wipe off. I would say it lasted 7-10 days. I also thought the cost was very reasonable. For a full body tan in the studio it was only $40. She can also travel to your home for a slightly higher charge.

How can you put a price on on what a good tan does for your confidence? I don’t know about you; but when I have a nice tan everything looks better, my skin, makeup and even my clothes seem to fit better  (Ok, maybe that is a stretch, but really it is a great boost!)

Now the other thing that I really appreciate and endorse is that it’s a Canadian company. Love that! Also love that it is an entrepreneurial venture and they have been on Dragon’s Den (another favourite show!) Anytime I can support a Canadian company, I do and you will see that in many of the furniture lines I carry in my store.

So if you are in my area of this beautiful country and need a great tan, give Kayla a shout . She is a fantastic girl and does an amazing job.  But if you are not close by, and you want to find someone in your area just search “Tan on the Run” and book a tan in your area. You won’t regret it!

Till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Who doesn’t love the sexy glow you get from a great tan?!”








P.S. Tan on the Run also has their own line of organic skin care products from tanning maintenance to bronzers and makeup. So fun! I am going to have to give this a try soon and will report back to you all in the future.