2017 is here and it’s always exciting to introduce the colour palette that will influence us for the year. The year’s colours of rich deep greens and pops of mauve and midnight purples fall right into some of my most loved hues. Some versions of these two colours were used when I was married a few years ago… well maybe it was more than a few years ago now (time flies when you are having fun)!

Both of these colours range from rich and glamorous to soft and natural, so they really are are a versatile palate. With the presence of gold being so big these days, it really does take both of these colours into the glamorous category. Using luxurious fabrics like velvet and textured tapestries to introduce these colours into your room really is a must. If you are not ready to introduce a rich purple velvet sofa or an aged leather in emerald green, then opt for some great throws and pillows with rich hues and textures to bring the trend in. The addition of art in great colours and metallics is also an easy way to be a part of the trends. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals in both color and finish!

It is really easy to make any room glam with beautiful accessories and tables done in metallic hues. Bringing in a new colourful lamp is a really nice way to make a colour statement.

Don’t forget to include natural elements and the influence of textures to combine with the glam feeling. It may not be the first thing you think of when your target is glitz, but the contrast is stunning! When you walk into a room full of people dressed in all black formal wear and you are sporting a rugged look, you definitely become the thing to look at.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that everything has to match. You want things to compliment each other while having some things stand out. That is how you go from a, “You’re new room looks nice Susan.” to “Wow!! This looks amazing Susan!” And the wow factor really is what we are really looking for, right?!
So dabble in the new trends or jump right in. Either way, it is fun to put your own spin on it.