It seems to be that time of year when mothers nature seems to have lost it! Within the span of a week she goes from sunny and springy to a massive winter blizzard that keeps you home and off the highways for days! She doesn’t seem to know how to feel. But that’s ok… most of us women can relate from time to time and that’s the beauty of being a woman, we have our hot and cold moments and everyone just has to learn to deal with it!

We can handle the weather, but how do we handle deciding what to wear?! This is pretty important to us ladies, and I am getting kinda tired of wearing turtlenecks, wool sweaters, winter boots and trying to find jeans that look great with my merino wool long johns. Nice picture hey?!
While it may be just a few weeks premature for most Canadians to pack all the winter wear away quite yet, this year I am travelling to spring before it makes it to us, jetting off next week on an amazing vacation to Europe! I know, I know, it’s not fair… but I have been dreaming and saving for this vacation for years and now that it’s almost here I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

The weather in Portugal is very similar to what we Canadians will be enjoying when our spring finally arrives. So I am taking a sneak peak into what is coming in fashion this spring and I can always count on my favorite clothing and fashion gurus (thanks Kari! a.k.a. Kari’s Kloset) to tell me what to wear to be “On Trend”.

Some of the new looks I am excited about are great transition pieces. They will take you all the way and into summer months, and will be so much fun to wear!

Who doesn’t like the ‘boho’ vibe?! From the free spirited nature of the bohemian culture to the colors they inspire, we are taken with the looks. Textured fabrics, flowing solids and florals alike; there are so many romantic options to choose from and they are everywhere! The cold shoulder tops are too hot to not mention. They range from blouses with straps to sweaters with the shoulders cut out. They are the perfect way to accentuate those toned arms you have been working on all winter long! You can also look forward to stripes, and navy striped to boot! They are one of my all time faves and look great under a jean jacket and patterned scarf. You will also see stripes in the casual pants which can be very flattering and fashion forward. Navy and white… so fresh feeling! Believe me, if you are anywhere they sell fashion, it is very obvious that these looks are in for 2017.

Shoes this time of year can be a bit tricky. Don’t forget about the booties we were seeing lots of last fall. This is the time to pull them out for sure! A light sand or rich cognac is always my fave, and neutral, so they can be matched to almost everything. You can pull those ankle jeans back out before the grass even turns green. That’s exciting!

Then there is this new “Athleisure wear” that is popping up everywhere…   you will be seeing varying combinations of this look such as leather jackets, hoop earrings, light weight hoodies paired with leggings and sneakers. It really sounds like something I have thrown together many times and chalked it up to “my unique Ukrainian style”. Turns out I was on to something, who knew?!

Have some fun trying out some new wardrobe additions. They will freshen up your look and be a great way to get you excited about the warmer season that is just around the corner!

So till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Veja u promixa vez!” or “See you next time!” – When I return from my adventure!