When considering where to start in creating our modern dining room, we must ask our-self, “what is the layout of the main part of the room?” We are seeing so many open concept homes now a days, we must be aware that what we introduce into our dining room should coordinate somewhat with the rest of our living space; keeping colors and style in mind.

Dining furniture has recently made leaps and bounds in wearability and durability allowing us to have nice things that will also stand up to daily wear and tear. You will find so many great and practical options when you start looking. Raw, distressed wood and live edge look tables are so beautiful and popular and can be easily incorporated into your modern dining room, but be sure to consider if they have a protection or lacquer coat on them. Although a raw reclaimed wood table may look great on the showroom floor, it may not hold up well when Uncle Danny spills his expensive red wine at Christmas. So check into tables that have been made to use. Many manufacturers are now offering the rustic raw wood look that will stand up to day to day use – just be sure that the table you are looking at has been treated, giving it a tough surface! Another attractive  option is a glass table top. Glass is beautiful and it can really open up a small space, and the combination of wood and glass gives a really stunning look with the durability of a tempered glass surface.

When picking out chairs consider adding some colour or maybe a combination of two styles of chairs for fun and visual variation. A bench combined with 4 chairs is also a great way to save a bit of money on your set. Many people use a bench at the front entry or at the end of the bed and in the event that you need the extra seating; pull it up to your table, and voila… sit 4 buns for the cost of 1 chair. Love it!

Durability is a main concern in putting together this modern dining area, however, we also want to create an inviting, and relaxing atmosphere that draws your family and friends in. Consider colors, stain finishes, fabrics or leathers that reflect your style. Consider the comfort level of the chairs you choose and make a few visual additions that add to the character of the space. One excellent way to bring character to your dining room is by incorporating a great dining light. Your options are limitless so have some fun make sure it is big enough for your table. This is a place to let your style shine through… get a little extravagant and showy, maybe even a little glitzy! A great area rug under your dining space is also important. You might be apprehensive about this but trust me; t’s a great way to define your space, add a bit of colour… and keep those crumbs in one spot!

Gone are the days when the kids weren’t allowed in the formal dining room. With the help of well manufactured furniture, fabrics and rugs, addition of some some creativity in lighting and accessories we are we have added practicality to the dining room and are giving back to quality family meal time.

’til next time, it’s that girl Shannon saying,

“Everybody up to the table, it’s supper time!”