Spring is here, yay! We are all happy to see it! One thing that comes with the spring is more sun, and that is a wonderful thing! When the sun comes out we all want to be outside more, and this is why we have to consider a good sunscreen.

When heading to the beach for the day, we often think of slathering on the sunscreen so we don’t want to burn our shoulders. But your face is exposed, always. You really should wear an SPF onit rain or shine.

It is important to prevent premature aging and wrinkles, and helps to reducing the risk of skin cancer. Lots of sunscreen feel sticky or slimy on your face, and can even leave a faint white film which makes them undesirable. So it is important to find one that suits you. Many skin care lines have put an SPF in their moisturizers which is great if you find one you like. For us ladies a lot of foundation and mineral powders also have some SPF in them. There is the addition of antioxidants to some sunscreens these days which is said to have a positive effect on how our bodys’ own natural defence can protect us against sun damage.

I am not much of a foundation wearer, as it feels a bit heavy to me. However I do really love the mineral peptides by Rodan and Fields and with an SPF of 20 in it, and the day moisturizer being an SPF 30, I feel very protected! They also have an amazing all over body sunscreen that is light and airy and has a broad spectrum SPF of 30. It conditions and contains vitamin C & E to help scavenge free radicals from the surface of the skin.  Check out the full line of Rodan and Fields at www.jilldebenham.myrandf.com/ca

So be sure to ask questions, check out your current skin care line and see what they have to offer you for your skin protection. Then get out of there and enjoy mother nature’s biggest treasure, “The Sun”.

Till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Sunshine is the best medicine… just don’t forget the sunscreen.”