This is the time of year that we want to enjoy all that mother nature has to offer… the sunshine and beautiful evenings encourage us to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Outdoor living has become a big, big part of our decorating business these days. There are so many options and ways to develop your outdoor space!

Consider the area you have to work with. Will it be covered or will it be an open patio feel? The options for seating are many and with customizable sets you can really put your personal spin on and bring the inside of your home outside. From sectionals to big cuddle chairs, you can really make the space unique to you. Finishes such as concrete, wicker and faux wood give you plenty of selection to really personalize your space. There are outdoor rugs, pillows, lamps, poufs and accessories to make this space feel homey. These add ins can also be used inside in the “not so nice” weather months. You can add them into your inside furniture rotation for another look in your home. This is a good way to justify the purchase to your husband wink, wink. If you have a covered space or you are creating one, consider hardwiring in a chandelier or interesting light fixture over your seating area. This makes it feel more like a living area.

Having a wet bar and adding in a cold drink fridge (who am I  kidding, let’s call it a beer fridge) in your entertaining area is a nice plus and is so convenient for cold drinks as well as food for the party later. There are many companies that have great portable islands that would be an easy add in for food prep and buffet style meals that will take place in your entertaining area. You can also throw in a couple bar stools and now you have another seating area for guests! It’s like a little set up bar, and who doesn’t like that?! Adding in a little bit of outdoor artwork is also a nice way to complete the relaxing atmosphere.

Consider bringing in a fire table or an electric fireplace. It provides a great ambience for get togethers with friends and family, and a good heat source when the chill of the evening sets in. There are lots of styles of freestanding fireplaces and also wall mount or built in fireplaces. They are beautiful and functional!

Don’t forget to have some fun developing your outdoor space and remember, this is a reflection of the inside of your home, so make it beautiful! Till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Log off… shut down, and get outside”.