So this is the time of year that we are all heading to the lake. We are enjoying the outdoors and having fun with family and friends. In the furniture business this tends to be a slow time of year for us. This is a perfect opportunity for you consumers to introduce some great trendy pieces into your homes for amazing prices. We, the retailers, have brought in all of the trendy furniture fashions this spring and because we want to bring in some new fall pieces , a lot of us have many clearance sales through the summer months.

Think of this as a start to that new look you are thinking of for the fall. You can start off with some great accessories and accent pieces then go back to your favourite store when your summer ends and order the perfect piece to finish your space.

Consider some of the trends from this spring. The colour trend “Millennial Pink”, or what I have been calling dirty pink,  is really quite a nice touch and looks really good as a colour pop in a few key pieces in any room.  It can be a great contrast against black or a soft subtle cream. This colour is not just for little girls anymore. Is it just me or when I think dirty pink the show Happy Days immediately comes to mind! You know Pinky Tuscadeo and her gang of chics  “The Pink Ladies”. So who says pink is for little girls, those tough chicks made it cool. And I’ll bet all of them ladies loved a great bargain!


Or how about the richness of navy. Though people tend to think of summer rooms as light and cheery, there really is a place for the richness of deep navy. Most blues have a cooling touch to them, and you can then add a little glam and sparkle with the addition of a couple black fur throws, textured pillows and a great acrylic chair or chandelier. Don’t forget to add a bit of white to give it that crisp feel. The navy blues and whites with a touch of sparkle, is like sitting on the beach in the evening looking at the deep blue lake with the white moon glistening on the water.


So, as I said, this is the time to out there, pound the pavement and see what great things you can find that are on sale at your favourite furniture store.  You are going to need a change in scenery from the beach soon anyways. Go out, get shopping and grab some deals! I too am heading on a shopping trip to the World Market Furniture Show in Las Vegas to bring back the new trends in furniture fashions to my store … Just in time to help you finish up your room this fall.

Watch for my blog next month when I will reveal what beautiful new look are waiting for us in Fall 2017.

Till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Stay Cool” … I am snapping my fingers like the Fonz right now. I am such a nerd!