I am so glad to have seen a really strong colour feel throughout the summer furniture market in Vegas this year! It always seems to be hinted at, but I have to say that this year there was a much stronger commitment to it. The colours represented were also bold. The jewel tones, well they are back with a punch! Everyone has their own twist of a name to call them; Mallard (rich deep green with nearly a black undertone), and Merlot as dark as chokecherry to a lighter version with a black thread to it, making the colour just pop!  Then of course add some mustard – I prefer Dijon… the texture and mixture of flavours – I am talking about what I put on my smokie… no, just kidding! Mustard is a great colour and with the other jewel tones, it really makes a statement! Then last but not least, yup there is “pink”. More of a “historic pink”, closer to a skin tone – definitely not a bubblegum!

Now along with all these reborn “new” colours in our lives, we are seeing more mixing of metals that have been present in our last few markets and they really make the jewel tones look amazing! Keep mixing up the metals… it makes everything it’s own show piece. Now I am suggesting that you should be mixing metals, and the perfect way to start is of course by adding great new accessory pieces, as their are numerous to choose from! I also like to bring in my metals with wall coverings (wallpaper) which happens to be very popular amongst a lot of the showrooms this year. It is a nice way to add both texture (which I am a big fan of) and that metallic look! There are tons of great wall coverings to choose from and they are such a nice way to tie in the fabulous new accessories… it is worth some consideration!

As far as styles and looks, I am not much for labels, as everyone has their own name for things such as the colours mentioned above. I would have to say I have seen a sleeker cleaner, lower scaled look in furniture this year. In a lot of ways I might consider it a bit European, then to combine it with pieces that have an antique style that have a more “now” fabric and texture… if that makes sense?! It makes all the pieces stand alone!

There are still lots of woods being used in great conversation type pieces, which acts as gorgeous contrast to the simplistic styles of furniture around them.

In conclusion, I was pleased at the new and exciting things I have seen.  As a store owner, I can’t wait to spice up my floor with all the new colours in small pieces and accessories. It’s going to make all the greys look so much livelier!

So till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon singing one of my favourite songs that keeps rolling through my head… “My Coat of Many Colours”, by Dolly Parton. Be glad you can simply visualize it and not actually hear it;).