Just when we think winter will never end, BAM! We are in the thick of 30 degree days, kids off school sauntering the sidewalks with popcicles in hand, and we’ve developed an underlying itch! That itch we all have while we wait for the end of the work day or the weekend to get here –  to get out there and enjoy the heat, sunshine and activities that our short but awesome summer season has to offer!

By now most of us have dragged out all of our summer furniture, pots, solar lights and decor from storage (or in my case from the old grain bin that adorns the back corner of our farmyard – gotta love country life!). We have rinsed off the dust and grime that settled on it through the long winter, planted our flowers and set up the makeshift living space that will be everyone’s favourite spot for the next few months.

If you (like me) have decided this is the year to give your outdoor space a fresh look or even a new layout, there are tons of beautiful options out there to consider. Product life endurance is important and we all know it pays off to put some time and thought into choosing quality furniture for your home’s interior, so why would your exterior furniture be different?  Consider driving past the lure of the big box stores and pop into your local furniture store that is more invested in you, as an individual, and knows the importance of quality products and keeping you a happy and returning customer! They will put lots of thought and energy into bringing in some unique and quality pieces, maybe even some Canadian Made product (lets face it now more than ever it is import to realize that this counts!), or something with a eco friendly message, like our very own C.R Plastics line made in Ontario.  Their products are made from recycled milk jugs… how genius and incredibly beautiful too!!!! You won’t regret investing some time, thought and money in quality pieces that you will be able to appreciate for many summers to come! 

Our Canadian summers are short, but let’s face it- they are what keep us sane, so having a great space that allows you to get every bit of enjoyment we can out of the season is of great value! Consider what the primary purpose of your space will be. Will you regularly be using the space to entertain larger groups of friends and family or will your space be more of a quiet spot to have a glass of wine with your significant other at the end of the day? Whether you are looking for full outdoor dining furniture, a couple of relaxing Adirondack chairs, or well cushioned chairs and a sofa or sectional, consider adding in some nice color to brighten things up! It’s a fun (and safe) way to be a bit courageous and step out of your comfort zone! Summer is short, and it’s supposed to be fun, bright and cheerful, right?!

Whether your summer space is the neighborhood hub where friends who are out walking their dogs can stop in for a beverage and an impromptu visit, or a quiet, solitary spot with seating for you and your sweetheart, it does something that I love… it promotes healthy, outdoor, quality screen-free time!


Till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

         “Get me outta here! Who’s in for drinks on my deck?!”