Can old and new, look great in your new home or renovation project? You bet they can! I love mixing old sentimental pieces or just new to you re-purposed antiques into a new look! By doing this you give the pieces a chance to stand out and be a showstopper in your home.  You also break up the tendency we all have in using the same look throughout our homes. 

Interest pieces do exactly what their name indicates… they draw interest. They tell the story of who you are and bring personality to your home.  Dig out the old postmaster’s cabinet that belonged to your grandfather from the years he ran the post office in your home town. Not only will it remind you of him every time you walk by it, but it will look beautiful with a bouquet of  garden flowers in the vase that was given to your mom on her wedding day displayed on it.  The warm memories these items carry will show your sentimental side. They will bring a positive energy to your newly renovated room and spark many conversations in your home for years to come.

Along with the addition of larger, more significant pieces of furniture that you plan to add to your new space, don’t be afraid to add in some classic art pieces and smaller interest pieces that appeal to you.  One of my favorite clients, who is a  retired nurse, was so proud to show me a vintage baby scale she had found and incorporated beautifully into the decor in her room. Her eyes sparkled and she was excited to share the story, and I loved hearing it! These items and their stories, add warmth and personality that nothing else can.

I just love adding in different textures in pillows, rugs, throws and furniture. Varying colors and patterns will also bring warmth and texture to your room. Get creative and re-purpose items that have outlived their first purpose and give them new life! Have a quilt made out of the crests of your kids’ old sports jerseys… it will add color, memories and conversation laying over the corner of that great sectional in your freshly reno’d basement!  Something I did in my home…I made pillow covers out of my dad’s old shirts the first Christmas after we lost him. The varying plaids of those worn western shirts still bring color, warmth and happy memories to whatever room they are in.

Next time you open up a beautiful magazine and get that warm and personal feeling from a  picture (such as this one found in a recent edition of Canadian House and Home), pay attention to the smaller details in the picture. You will see pieces of interest, unique items, objects that stand out a bit from the others… these are the bits of “you”.

So til next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

“I love everything that is old – old friends, old times, old manners, old cheese and of course, old wine.”