I love the holiday season… ’tis the season of peace and joy, merriment, fellowship, and magical anticipation, right? It should be, but as we all hustle and bustle around I hear the same word being used… “BUSY”, and the word carries a general mood of exasperation.

We have to realize this “busy” thing is a choice we have made. We encourage our kids to be in so many activities that we are running from skating to volleyball to choir practice and we don’t sit down and take the time to really enjoy any of it because we are running too much! Maybe we need to simplify and enjoy fewer things and realize doing fewer things really well is much more satisfying!

This is the time of year that we should be enjoying our friends company! Invite them to come hang out in your big comfy living room and have and good old round of monopoly by the fireplace. We need to laugh and make some memories together. As we know, this is what we remember from year to year- not the gifts we received! Why not grab the volleyball moms who you run frantically with all fall and invite them over to gather around that kitchen island with some bottles of wine, exchange some baking and enjoy sharing the recipes your families have enjoyed through the years. Or start a supper club, where you invite a group of friends over with a meal theme in mind? Everyone can bring over the ingredients or components to one home and enjoy a great meal around a beautiful dining room table, because heaven knows after that busy week you wouldn’t have had time to pre-do anything!

Instead of focusing on the endless holiday “to do” list with dread, we need to find ways to enjoy the process and focus on what the season is truly about! Spend some quality time with the people we choose to invite into our lives. I have changed my approach to answering the question, “how are you doing?”, and put a positive spin on life by saying, “my life is full and exciting!”

Having a full schedule is great, but slowing down a few times during the year is necessary for your physical and mental health. It gives us the boost of renewed energy we need to jump back into life!

So take a step back, breathe and move forward with your eyes open. Appreciate the time you get driving the kids to the game or making one more Christmas party (sheesh!) and realize “tis the season to be jolly! Embrace your full and busy life and know that one day you’ll look back on thee days, reminisce and be glad you had them.