Pennies and / or brick provide great texture and interest to the space.

The kitchen is the hub of the home and since we have been on the topic of kitchens lately, I thought I would stick with that and chat a little bit about kitchen backsplashes.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

There is no better way to let your personality and character shine through in your kitchen than with your backsplash. Depending on the look you are going for, the backsplash can and will make a huge impact. Yes your cabinets are the dominant feature in your room, but doing the backsplash is like adding the skewer of pickles and olives to your ceasar, and salting the rim! (Man, I want one now! YIKES, too early Shannon!!) You take that caesar from good to mouthwatering delicious with one little touch – just the way you take your kitchen from nice to wow by adding the right backsplash to go with your cabinets and counter.

Vahallan handmade wallpaper is a unique and surprisingly durable options for a backsplash.

Now when it comes to choosing your backsplash, make sure you consider all of the options available to you… yes, there are tons. The backsplash does have the function of protecting the drywall behind the cabinets, that’s a given, but in my mind its biggest job is to add in your style and personality – to make your kitchen truly you! Before you start, look at your canvas… what do your cabinets look like? What does your countertop look like? If your countertops are busy, you will not want to use a strong competing pattern on your backsplash. Instead, you will want to find something to complement your existing colors and patterns! You also must consider how to apply it and where it’s appropriate to add in some interest! I recently helped a homeowner that really wanted to bring in some patterned tile. The area was not large, but it was open to the rest of the home. In this situation I suggested that she stay simple for the main portion of the tiled area and feature the patterned tile behind a plate rack and around the pot filler behind the stovetop. It was a subtle pop but it allowed the rest of her personal collectibles to stand out and share the spotlight!

Use of patterned tile compliments the homeowner’s collectibles without stealing the spotlight.

Your options for backsplash material are numerous. From the traditional tile backsplash to using pennies for a unique shimmer, to the idea of adding in brick for a great pop of industrial texture behind some open shelving (just to name a few), you will have no problem achieving a unique look that reflects your style. I have also used a beautifully hand painted wallpaper to bring in some texture and character. In one home we used the replica of a handwritten recipe done on a large tile under the rangehood behind the stovetop. Consider using old wine corks, or vintage bottle caps for your wet bar. Wood slices, buttons, sheets of glass or broken glass mosaic – get creative and the options are endless!

Be creative!

So til next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

“I just may have enough pennies in my swear jar to do my kitchen backsplash… thanks kids for doing the collecting!” 😑