Well, I am back from another World Market and I am excited to catch you all up on the furniture and decor market trends of 2019!

Besides color, which I will get to in a bit, one of the most obvious trends that the big players in the industry were showing in Vegas was a much more relaxed approach to some of the main pieces in the living room!

I saw a lot of repetition from every company in the curvier and softer edge approach to chairs and sofas with everything having soft inviting fabric such as velvets to encourage comfort. The relaxed look of many of the styles invited the use of feathersoft seating, open flanged edges and envelope arms were everywhere but not losing overall style of the set. So it’s like seeing your Auntie Annie, who is always dressed quite appropriate and proper, showing up at the family reunion in a plush coral velvet lounging pant suit. (think J.Lo) She still looks great, put together and stylish right!? Although it just might be easier to go up and have a relaxed shoot the sh*t kind of conversation – somehow, just more approachable! So instead of your furniture just having style, now it has jump in and live in for a 6 hour Game of Thrones marathon kind of comfort. Now that’s my kind of comfort!

Now imagine this… beside that big dusty blue velvet sectional, you throw in a well worn Whiskey leather recliner…with a power headrest option. Phew… now that may win dad over in the push for some new furniture! I love the combination of fabric and leather. It makes each piece stand out beautifully beside the other.

Sleek replica antiques (or better yet, your genuine antique pieces) can be thrown in with this look and become big hits, finishing the space off in a deliciously eclectic way.

Now when it comes to color….the dominance is still there if you are a blue person (Like me! Although I’m not supposed to pick favourites I’ve never been known to stick to the rules!) This year’s blues tend to be more of a smokey tone, which still suits me just fine! Olives are making a comeback thank goodness, because I love them in my caesars, and forest greens (😲 shades of the ’80’s?) are even appearing on the scene. Mustards are popping up too and they give a definite punch when paired with the blues and greens. That tangy zing in a room makes a vivid impact!

Now my mom is going to be ecstatic to hear that her favourite color, coral is too a part of this year’s stage winners. It has a fresh tropical freshness that brings a smile to any room.

To tie it all together, I would say that the color forecast for 2019 is going to be smokey but tangy, with lots of comfort and style and colors that make me smile.

So til next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

Now I am craving a big smokey steak and some relax time on my couch… how much longer til Season 8 of Game of Thrones?!