“Custom;” what does that really mean? Well, we all kind of know what it means, but is it really crystal clear? Do we really grasp the reason it’s better? The first thing most people think when they hear “custom” is that it’s expensive, and that is such a misconception! It does not always cost more to get what you really want. It just means that you get what you really want.

It always amazes me that people will sit down to buy a new vehicle, and wheel and deal on the options and price.   They say we have the tan with the black, or the white with the grey, and you pick one.  Once it’s all said and done, and you go ahead with the purchase, but in your heart you know you really wanted the one they showed in the brochure, the beautiful blue one with the saddle leather seats. You really did just sign your life away for the next 5 years, spending $50,000 on a SUV, or $90,000+ on a truck for something they had in stock…? What… That’s Crazy!! When you are investing that much money, why not wait and get what you really want? It would make the purchase soooo much more satisfying don’t you think??

So, when we talk custom in the home design and furnishings world, I always tell my clients, choosing what you really want and what works in your space is well worth the wait.

If you are working with a skilled professional that can show you all of your colour options and help you put things together, you will be very happy you did. From figuring out how you fill his wish list with, a big puffy Michelin man chair, in the same room that your sleek, stylish sofa is going to go; we can make different configurations really suit your room. Going custom is the way to make you 100% satisfied in your finished look. It also makes the end result unique to YOU… And isn’t that what we all want? Something that is YOURS?

We can help you coordinate and complement that beautiful new flooring that you just put in, or the custom cabinetry you just chose, by finding just the right stain for your new dining room furniture or a solid wood bedroom set with an upholstered headboard. Custom choices make it all flow together and create balance in your home.

It can also let you sleep better when you know you really want that exact sofa and chair that you sat in at your neighbors at the game last weekend, and all we have to do is pick a different cover. They will never find out! 😉

So ’till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying:

“Knowing what you want can be a challenge, but getting what you want is……. priceless!”