If your family is anything like mine was growing up, your kitchen table is the where it all happens! We spent a lot of time around that table… whether it was just our family or a gathering of friends for a meal or get together, the kitchen table was where we always gathered.

Growing up, our kitchen table had to be durable and sturdy enough to support years of mom’s and baba’s traditional Ukrainian meals that were served on it, as well as all of the pie pastries that were rolled out on it.  We enjoyed playing hundreds of hands of Kaiser, Aggravation, and so many other games on it.  So, function had to be it’s number one purpose!  That was the sacrifice many people would make even though you wanted that beautiful dining table that would stand up to all the ruckus that it had to handle.  Including that one time that Uncle Dan hopped up on it and used it as his dancing stage!

I am really excited to see the new finishes and styles that are being introduced by some wonderful Canadian companies.  Amazing wood finishes that are incredibly durable and strong.  From distressed and antiqued, to a contemporary grain exposed with a matte finish.  We can suit everyone’s style.  We also have some incredible glass tops that brings the look to a new level; clean, crisp, and refined.

The incredibly durable and beautiful fabrics to choose from for the chairs… amazing!!  There are choices of brightly coloured and patterned Sunbrella and polyester fabrics to a “no way I could never do white linen” that is a surprisingly washable vinyl product! This just gives us all the opportunity to create the look we want without sacrificing style and colour.

If you are looking for a more compact daily piece that has the ability to expand for when you have guests, the options are getting even better. The gliding mechanisms and hidden extensions are improving all the time.  And yes, we can even offer a swivel option at the table that won’t look like an office chair!  You dining area is such an important part of the overall look and feel of your home, especially with the open concept looks… it’s great to see so many incredible options!


So till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

Who’s up for a game?! Happy hour at my house Friday!





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