There are so many rooms in your home to consider when building a new home or doing a major
renovation that you just have to start somewhere. The ever changing world we are living in has made a
huge impact on many parts of our lives, from how we communicate with one another to how we pay our
daily bills and schedule our daily commitments. I want to start with one of the rooms or in this case
spaces that have made a big transformation… the home office.

The face of the home office has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. When Bill Gates stated he wanted to see a computer in every home, it sounded absurd! But now a days everyone has at least one computer and there are always extras floang around. We have our computers and phones by our side and need internet access to it 24/7, so our office area is now much more mobile.

The furnishing and homeware companies have become aware of this and have adapted and added in features that cater to this concept. From lamps, recliners, nightstands, and beds having USB port opons
integrated into them to wall plugs in new buildings that have the USB ports built right into regular outlet plugins. My work requires frequent travel and I used to have to remember my plug-in adapter, and when I forgot it, I would be forced to go buy yet another one. Hotels are catching on and regularly now provide a charging station. So, everyone is seeing the need to adapt and change.

When you are in the planning stage, consider incorporating a computer station to your home kitchen area. It is a fantastic choice! The kitchen is historically the area for socializing, working, and entertaining in most homes. Whether you are looking up a recipe, checking out the Front Porch Interiors website (wink), or cranking out a great tune like Sam Hunt’s Body Like a Backroad, which is one of my favorites, this area is necessary and a surprisingly great addition to your home. It is also a great way to bring in some personality and style to your kitchen. There are many cool space saving ways to make this happen without reducing the function of your kitchen. Anywhere from utilizing the little end nook at the end of your cabinets as a hiding spot for your office and filing to the end wall that has no purpose in your room.

Or consider trying your office area as the spot in your kitchen to bring in the new floang open shelving. This is popping up all over the decorang world. Don’t be afraid to bring in the fun and funky fur chair here or maybe the green alligator print stool that you just couldn’t do at your island because it was too risky. Add in a few wall file shelves and message board and that may be all you need to make it all come together. It doesn’t have to be a big area to make a huge impact and you won’t be sorry you did.

So, till next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

“Now I am inspired to go home to google myself a   great recipe for this rainy day and let Sam Hunt serenade me! Yummy!” (Wink wink)