The season is here, and once again it has crept up and caught us by surprise. It seems like I was just at the lake and here we are in the midst of the holiday bustle! Everyone is running around buying gifts, decorating for Christmas and just getting ready for all that the season brings!

This year’s holiday trends are going to reflect the trends in regular home decor for the season. Deep navy’s have taken the stage with accents of gold, silver, and champagne metallics. Think about giving them a more natural feeling by adding a deer or moose wildlife figurine together with sprigs of traditional pines and incorporating eucalyptus and succulents. 

Sounds pretty right?! But what about your family heirloom pieces and things that have just come to represent Christmas in your home? In my home we have a “mistletoad,” which is a funny looking green toad that hangs from the roof. Nothing matches it but it is part of the Christmas theme in our home. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without him!

What do you do with those items when you would like to add in some new luxe? I say just mix it in! Maybe pick a couple key spots in your home. Add a mirror in your entryway, some new pots outside of your door or maybe clear off your mantle and throw in a new look. Donate some of your old things from years past and pass them on to someone else. Keep the things that really mean something and start to freshen up your look. Just do a little bit every year.

Consider decorating more for the season with less real Christmas themes like a snowman invasion in your home. Keep a few of the sentimental items you love and add a modern winter twist! Go for a seasonal approach as opposed to just Christmas. This way they can stay up longer in your home for you to really enjoy throughout our long winter season. Embrace it and make it beautiful!

Don’t forget Christmas isn’t just about the decor! Embrace the nostalgic scents that only come out at this time of year like gingerbread and fir trees. Enjoy the music that we only listen to this time of year. The Gift by Garth brooks, Boney M. and of course Alabama Christmas instantly put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. They bring back memories of when I was young. It’s the food that you make and give away, the nuts and bolts for your staff, pickled eggs for your brother and homemade Baileys just for me (I’ll share if they’re lucky)!

We all take this time of year and enjoy each others company and be grateful in our own ways. My fondest holiday memories always come form playing charades, kaiser, and something new I have found that we all have fun trying figure out. Spending time together always ends up being a blast! It is the memories we make from year to year that make Christmas and the Holiday season so important to me.  



So ’til next time, it’s That Girl Shannon saying,

“Make your home festive! Add in something fresh and trendy, and remember, the season is really about the feeling in the air and the people we surround ourselves with.”