What is the current trend in home exteriors and is this a look I want for my home?  This is such a common question! The exterior is the part of the home that we don’t change often,  as it can be a large and expensive undertaking. It is also the part of the home that welcomes (or deters) people to our home, so changes must be thought through thoroughly, and it is highly recommended that we seek professional advice before digging in to any major project!

We are currently seeing a massive revisit to the popularity of front porches, which bring an inviting and relaxing feel to a home.  The front porch evokes thoughts of a simpler time, and encourages feelings of slowing down and enjoying downtime. It helps set the stage and ties quite nicely with the modern farmhouse look that is also very popular.  This look includes many beautiful architectural features like varied rooflines, board, and batten siding, combined with bricks, timbers, and rock, which add a cozy charming feeling to your home. While the front porch helps to draw us outdoors, we are also seeing doors and windows that provide expansive views to backyard living which has become another welcoming feature in your home and an amazing backdrop and a way to complete the story of your home. This allows us to enjoy the feeling of being outside while completing the necessary indoor tasks of everyday.

Then we are jumping to the other side of the spectrum in looks and are loving the mixed materials of big square structures, an open, fresh, and clean look. This look includes large vertical windows which really show off flat roof lines and help to emphasize the height and grandeur of this sharp looking home. This style calls for different uses of rock combined with rocky stucco, tin, and cement board, as well as warm woods done both vertical and horizontal placements.  Dark roofing and iron railed decking help to enhance the lines of this home and make it even more bold and striking.

What I want you to recognize in both of these homes that truly are different styles and for different people, is that they have the same overall concept.  What they have in common is that they are using the same “many different textures” which makes for an interesting home. Where the modern farmhouse says, “Look at how quaint, warm, and welcoming I am,  come in for a visit!”, the square structured home says, “I am bold, inviting, and intriguing. Welcome!” So, they may have different messages, but they both succeed in grabbing your attention.

The other big exterior trend is outdoor living spaces. We want people to come into our homes and enjoy them, but we want them to also enjoy our outdoor spaces with us too. We want our home to have an extension when the weather permits to bring people into our backyards and enjoy a great meal, enjoy the weather, and entertain in a larger setting. A front porch lets you take an ordinary home on a different path and is a great place to bring in some warm woods, rock, and other textures.

We want to make people take a second look when they are driving by, stop in and have them sit down in the back yard or on the front porch and enjoy a visit over steak and beer! And those of you who would; you are my kind of people!



So ’til next time, it’s me, That Girl Shannon saying;

“Y’all come back now ya hear!” (Oh man, I am so corny)