I love showing my customers how to use light fixtures to set the style in places that have limited opportunities to, such as the kitchen. Basically it’s hard to showcase your style if all you have is cupboards, cabinets and a table/island. Without a sofa or other decorative furniture to show your decorative preferences… your light fixture is your chance!

Make sure you choose a fixture that is the right size for the table it is enhancing. Think about that statement. This is a place in your kitchen area you want to bring better attention to , so make a good decision and set the style here. The other place is over the kitchen island. Don’t be boring. This is a spot I like to step out of the box. This is where you can add in some colour, there are so few places you can be bold in a kitchen. Consider mix and matching your fixtures over your island. This too makes things more interesting and will always be unique to you.

Your entryway and bedroom are a couple other rooms, I would say has the opportunity for lighting focals. Entries with a high ceiling give you the perfect opportunity to showcase a beautiful fixture.  Another option is to have entry lighting in the same styling somewhat as the kitchen area. As for the bedroom, anything goes (get your mind out of the gutter). What I mean is this is a private area and in my opinion doesn’t have to  “flow” with the rest of the public areas. So yes, go ahead and have some fun in the bedroom…with your fixtures!

When you have chosen your fixtures, it’s time to think about the bulb going inside, and the ambience you would like to create. If you have chosen a clear fixture, you may want to consider the Edison bulbs. They have a great look and are becoming more energy efficient than they were when they first came out. There are also lots of LED lights that emit a different colour of light… not just the bright white.

Till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Betcha Mr. Edison wishes he was getting royalty cheques for his light bulbs!!”