Well 2020, I thought you were gonna be a year where we reflect and recognize things that we could’ve done differently, now that we do so much better. You know all the hindsight and the eyesight – blah, blah, blah.

I didn’t realize you were going to make us sit in the corner and not come out! But as one of my favorite lines from a great old movie goes – “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” Yes, we see that we have to change some of our ways. We have to be more aware of our actions. One of my personal favorite lines is – “Sometimes the hardest thing we go through … become the best things we have ever done.”

Now I WILL NOT give that credit to the pandemic. I am giving to each one of us. We have to adapt and change, and guess what? We’re still here.

Now we know what we can handle!

Big thank you to all of us for that.

So here you go 2020, a good hostess would never let you leave the party hungry. ENJOY YOUR PIE

2021, we’re ready for whatever you want to throw at us.

Let R Rip!