I have always been a dreamer!! I got that from my dad! Moving to a small community to ranch with my husband and having 2 children was how this journey started. I guess you can say that Front Porch Interiors was born out of the necessity for many reasons, pure drive and the stubbornness to succeed!. I wanted to show this community that they did need me and what I had to offer even though they didn’t know it yet.

I started in the front of a greenhouse, moved to an old equipment building and in November of 2010 built the store I am located in right now. 407 Railway Ave, Wawota, Sask.

In the years I have been in business I have grown tremendously in many ways far beyond my square footage. I have been blessed to meet and become friends with some amazing and influential people in the furniture fashion and business industry whom I have learned amazing life lessons from. From my growth in size to the growth in furniture and design knowledge, that I enjoy sharing with my clients. I am proud of the path Front Porch Interiors is on and I look forward to many exciting things to come.

So come to see Front Porch Interiors for an experience that you don’t find anywhere else! From helping you with your new home, renovations, a new room color or to pick out just the right furniture.